Today is a Great Day to Learn Something New!!

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learn something newMy website is devoted to helping children in all areas of their lives, and encouraging others to get involved. I think it is safe to say that “teachers are at the top of the list of involvement in the lives of children.” Their involvement extends long past the dismissal bell.

My guest today is Laura Croom, a teacher of fourteen years, who takes up the cause for kids, along with other educators, straight to the Georgia Capitol.


I believe every day is a great day to learn something new. Personally, I feel like I learn something new every day. As an educator, it is my responsibility to learn new things. I need to be aware of new policies, techniques and general information. I think that is the best way to educate the future. I also think it is a way to educate the past as well.

Recently I attended a Legislative Day at the Georgia Capitol. Educators from all over the state met with Senators and Representatives to express their concerns on the current path of education. The legislators that we were able to speak with seemed to have an understanding of the situations we as educators are facing. However, that was only a handful of people.

It seems that there are many politicians out there that do not have any understanding of what is going on in classrooms on a daily basis. Our Governor established an Education Reform Committee this past year to lead education in the right direction. The most interesting thing about this committee was the fact that there was not one current or previous educator on it. Personally, that was a slap in the face. It said any Tom, Dick or Harry could make a decision about my profession and the future education of students. I have never heard of anyone making a committee of businessmen and women to decide how to prepare hospitals and doctors to complete brain surgery.

Educators do not receive respect. They continue to have more and more work piled on them, and they receive less and less pay. Many of you may think I spend my summers on vacation. I will assure you that’s not true. I teach swimming lessons and take extra courses through RESA to keep current with teaching techniques that are required of me. You may also think I get off at 3:00 every day. That is also a false statement. I usually get home around 5:30, but my phone and email are always on. I do not have to provide this for my parents, but I feel it is my duty to support my students at school and home.

As we are listening to candidates and preparing to vote, let me encourage each and every one of you to be sure you are registered to vote. When the time approaches, VOTE!!! Let’s make a difference in our country, in our states and in our schools. It’s time we take our country back and make it a place for students to learn without being tested continuously! Make it a place where my coworkers and I are respected for educating tomorrow’s leaders.

Make it a place where every day is a great day to learn something new!

Thank you, Laura, for shedding light on situations teachers are faced with today in the education system. I am sure that teachers in every state can identify with your pleas to the Legislature.

As a former teacher myself, and now a grandmother of four, my thanks to all teachers who are investing in the lives of my grandchildren and kids all over America.

learn something new

Delta Kappa Gamma International Society promotes professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education. It was founded May 11, 1929 in Austin, Texas. Since that time membership has grown globally. There are 77,000 members, 2,400 chapters, and 78 state organizations in 5 regions of the world.

Laura is a member of the Alpha Theta Chapter in the Psi State organization. She has been a member since 2011. Since this time, she has attended several regional, state and national conferences. She has completed the Leadership I and II seminars. She is currently the Vice-President of her chapter. When she was invited to attend DKG Legislative Day at the Capitol, she jumped at the opportunity, even taking a personal day to attend.

Laura has been able to make numerous new friends and connections across the state and the country through this society of women educators.


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