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In March of this year (2013) my book, Helping Hurting Children: A Journey of Healing, was published after six years of intense research. It is designed to help children who are hurting due to a loss such as death, bullying, violence, moving, divorce, or even losing a pet. The book is the results of several requests made during my 10 years of teaching a similar class to adults. Now that it’s available, I wanted to start this blog in part to further bring attention to a serious situation that is more-often-than-not overlooked by adults. The hope is that this blog will generate discussions about children who are hurting and what we as adults can do to help them.

This blog is based on the teachings as described in my two books:  A workbook designed for children ages 7 – 12 which will be used by the children during their journey, and a reference guide designed to assist the caring adult who is leading the children on the journey. Both books are titled the same with identical book covers, identified separately as a “Children’s Workbook” or “Adult’s Reference Guide”.

To be sure, I welcome any and all comments, and I pray that we can engage in meaningful discussions about a vast number of hurting children and how to help them. In addition, if you are a caring adult on the journey of healing with a child and are currently facing your own loss, or a loss still remaining from childhood, perhaps this will be a time of healing in your own life.

Whether you have come here to learn, discuss, offer helpful hints or simply to look, I want to thank you for visiting and hope you come back often.

Martha Faircloth Bush